Pirate superstars!

Greetings my little superstars!

I hope you are feeling super proud of yourselves because you were fantastic! Every single one of you worked hard and put lots of effort and enthusiasm into our pirate assembly and it was super! So many people told me how impressed they were and I was so happy to be a part of it with all of you and watch your wonderful selves enjoying every minute and shining like stars

Miss Simone kindly videoed your performance and managed to get most of it before the naughty iPad became full up! So very sorry if you can’t see your part, however I dashed off to get another iPad and we were able to video all of your singing and dancing the second time round so all of you will be able to see yourselves on screen 🙂

What did you enjoy most about performing

What was the biggest challenge?

Would you like to do more performing? If so, what kind? Singing? Dancing? Acting

Have a wonderful weekend!


Miss Linsley x