It’s good to be green!

Greetings Penguins!

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This week we have been challenging ourselves with the BeeBots, making lions, watching Rosie-Brian hatch (and then make friends with Brian-Rosie) and it has been our first week of Good To Be Green

What is an algorithm? (An algorithm is a clear set of instructions to achieve an end result or solve a problem)

As you all managed to stay green this week we had a dance party to celebrate! Which song that we played was your favourite? Why? (Do you like the words? The rhythm? Is it good to dance to?)

Penguin adults don’t forget that on Monday school will be finishing at 2pm so we can have our final parents evening. If you haven’t yet made an appointment and would like to then do make one on Monday morning. School also finishes at 2pm on Friday

I can’t believe next week is our last week together. I am so proud of all the hard work you have done this year and I have loved being your teacher. You are going to have a super time in Year 1 and I will still see you all the time. 

See you on Monday my little lemons 🙂

Much love,

Miss Linsley x