Super times with Superworm and Supertato!

Greetings super writers!

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This week Superworm came back and we wanted to know where he had been! Cheeky Superworm wouldn’t answer our questions except for with a nod or shake of his head so we had to come up with questions we could ask him that he could nod or shake his head to. 

Can you think of any more questions to ask Superworm

Can you use describing words in your questions?

The big achievement of the week was all of you super Penguins saving writing for the whole world thanks to your superhero writing! Supertato was so impressed that he came to visit and brought you superhero certificates! Do keep up the superhero writing, especially independent writing

Perhaps you could do some more writing about Supertato or about worms – take a look at our worm learning video below 🙂 

Have a wonderful weekend full of exploring, reading, writing, sleeping, eating, singing, dancing, playing, talking, homework and of course don’t forget to comment on the blog!

On Friday it will be Red Team‘s turn for Show and Tell.

I look forward to seeing you again on Monday! 🙂


Miss Linsley x