Oil slicks and a visit from Stuart!

Greetings Penguins!

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This week we were visited by what turned out to be a narwhal whale who had left her long tooth outside and retuned to claim it today after we found it for her! 

What kind of sea do narwhals live in? 

We were also visited by Stuart the minion who is very cheeky and made some rather rude noises (!) but was super fun and spending time with him in our groups gave us a good chance to work on our sharing skills 🙂 

We were fascinated to watch a video about oil slicks during our Big Talk time and learn more about how they affect so many things. 

Can you name 3 things affected by an oil slick? (birds, fish, fishermen, other sea creatures etc.) 

What new facts can you learn from the videos when you watch them? 

It will be Red Team‘s turn for Show and Tell on Friday (sorry last week on the blog I got in a bit of a muddle but Blue Team had their turn this week so Red’s is next). Have a wonderful weekend full of exploring, reading, writing, sleeping, eating, singing, dancing, playing, talking, homework and of course don’t forget to comment on the blog!

I look forward to seeing you again on Monday! Please bring trainers or plimsolls for outdoor PE! 🙂


Miss Linsley x


2 thoughts on “Oil slicks and a visit from Stuart!

  1. Narwhals live in the Arctic waters of Canada, Greenland Norway and Russia.

    3 things affected by an oil slick are
    Dolphins 🐬
    Fishes 🐟🐠
    Birds 🦆🦅

    I’ve learnt that oil slick is hard to come out from the bird feathers it doesn’t wash off easily.
    Oil slick is very bad for birds and fishes.



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