Dinosaurs and an election!

Greetings Penguins,

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What an exciting first week back we have had! We met a dinosaur who had time -travelled to come and see us, learnt about dinosaurs, had a new friend join our class and had an election where we voted

What facts do you know about dinosaurs?

Different dinosaurs eat different things. A dinosaur that eats plants is called a…? (herbivore)

A dinosaur that eats meat is called a…? (carnivore)

A dinosaur that eats plants and meat is called an…? (omnivore) 

Find out more about dinosaurs and what they ate through this link:


How is a fossil made?

In our election we had 3 different candidates to choose from; they all promised different things and we had to work out which were the best promises. Can you remember why you voted for the candidate you chose? Check out the picture if you need a reminder of what they were promising 🙂 

Photo 07-06-2017, 11 16 15

We had to think super carefully because some promises sounded good at first but then we realised that actually they would not be so good for our health over a long period of time. What do your adults think? Do they have any thoughts or feelings about the election that they would like to share with you? 

On Friday it is Sports Day – Penguin adults if you are able to attend we would love to see you there! Penguins please remember to come to school in your PE kit ready to start our day of sporting fun! It would be a good idea to have put suncream on and to wear a hat as well. 

It will be Green Team‘s turn for Show and Tell.

Have a wonderful weekend full of exploring, reading, writing, sleeping, eating, singing, dancing, playing, talking, homework and of course don’t forget to comment on the blog!

I look forward to seeing you again on Monday 🙂


Miss Linsley x


2 thoughts on “Dinosaurs and an election!

  1. Some dinosaurs eats plants 🌱 and some dinosaurs eats meat 🍖
    Some dinosaurs are big some dinosaurs are small
    Some dinosaurs fly some dinosaurs swim

    When a dinosaur dies in the water the fishes eats the skin and leaves the bones then it turns into a rock and then there’s no dinosaurs left.

    I chose Ms Dipsy because we get 2 times around the pen run everyday and lunch clubs.



  2. Ms Dipsy did indeed have some great ideas – fun and healthy! She is definitely who I would have voted for 🙂 Super dinosaur learning Laila, I can’t wait to learn more about them this coming week! X


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